IEARN Russia start working from the very beginning.

In 1988 it was a school telecommunication project between USA and Soviet Union schools. 10 schools from Moscow and 10 schools from New-York started working together. For the beginning there were mostly e-mail projects but in some time there were Lumophone conferences, conferences for teachers from both countries and exchange projects for students.


9-th annual conference in IEARN took place in Moscow in 2002.

 Delegations from USA, Great Britain, Holland, Chine, Japan, Slovakia, Australia,Ukraine, Armenia, Byelorussia and many others countries came to Moscow. There were lot's of workshops in the conference rooms of the hotel "Cosmos".  It was a great experiance of exchanging ideas and finding new partners for  the future projects.

    Today  this program  allow us to work on the projects with many countries and have a lot of different themes.  We have many experienced teachers working in this projects in different parts of our country.

If you are a creative, enthusiastic teacher  and have a very enthusiastic group of students or you would like to have a lot of friends around the world and to work on an interesting projects or you just like to know more  what is it IEARN you can ask any questions russia@iearn.org, or you can  e-mail to Russian contact persons:  

in Moscow - Olga  olgap1129@mail.ru,

in Novosibirsk - Nina koptyug@sch130.nsc.ru.

To join IEARN you have to register on the site www.iearn.org